Week Four Animal Farm Assignments

Animal Farm Assignments Week Due Fourth Class

Animal Farm Assignments Week 4

  1. Finish reading Animal Farm Ch. 7-10.  Take notes in your journal.
  2. Try to finish your Animal Farm Story Chart.  We will go through the PLOT part in class together, so don’t worry if you are stumped by some part.  I expect you to fill out the Setting, Conflict, etc. at home.  Do your best to find 3 themes.
  3. Electronic Story Chart
  4. Go back and re-read Old Major’s Speech in Chapter One and take notes at the end of your journal in a section called, “Irony”.  Note all the irony you can find between Old Major’s promises and what “Animalism” did to Animal Farm. (Next week you will apply these to Marx and Engels and the Communist Manifesto.
  5. Read 7 of the Extreme Devotion One  Extreme Devotions Two

Elements of Rhetoric applied to Old Major

Please Finish your Dialectical Journal Entries, as much of your Stalin, Napoleon, Trotsky and Snowball Character Trait Charts as you can and the last few questions in your Stalin Packet to show me.

ANIMAL FARM- Dialectical Journals

Keep a dialectical journal about the following characters in Animal Farm.  Find at least 6 quotes (1 for each character) that characterize them and explain what that reveals about how the animal fits into the Animal Farm society.  Include page numbers. Characters: Napoleon, Snowball, Mollie, Boxer, Clover, Squealer

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