Week Five Animal Farm Assignments

Animal Farm Assignments Week 5

  1. Do Take-Home Essay Test.   Choose TWO essays to answer.  Make sure you answer all the parts of the question and that each of your essays are at least ¾ page typed. 

  2. Read Communist Manifesto summary called, Fatal Flaw in Communism-summarizes Communist Manifesto and the article titled, “Judeo-Christian Values“.

  3. Read the hand-out that applied the Elements of Rhetoric to Old Major’s Speech then, put the Communist Manifesto on trial. Read the whole thing, but concentrate on your assigned section.  Question everything!  Highlight quotes and sections that you think represent Marx’s main ideas.  Try to identify some of his key beliefs/assumptions.  Keep a log of these assumptions, your questions, and your reactions.

  4. It will be up to you and your partner to report back to the rest of the class on your portion. Highlight and take some notes on the main points in your section. Feel free to call your partner to discuss your section.  This is not easy reading.  Hopefully my outline will be helpful, but reading Marx and Engel’s work will be tough.

     Intro and Section 1 p.1-11 

 Section 2  p. 12-21

Each Group has the following two tasks:

  1. Briefly summarize the main points of your group’s section and give a few examples from Animal Farm showing that Orwell’s depiction of Soviet Communism followed Marx’s philosophy and marching orders as described in the Communist Manifesto. Ie. How is your section like some things that happened in Animal Farm and/or Russia?
  2. Tell whether or not your group believes Lenin and Stalin’s form of communism was a ‘perversion’ of Marx’s original ‘dream’ or in fact the inevitable result of it. State a few reasons why you have reached this conclusion.


These two articles put it in perspective:

The Fatal Flaw in Communism” and the article titled, “Judeo Christian Values”

Go to:  http://www.sparknotes.com/philosophy/communist/summary.html to help you understand the main points of Marx’s Communist Manifesto.  You can read the Context section, Terms, and the summaries and commentaries for Sections 1 & 2, and then take their online quiz.

  • Looking ahead: Begin Finding Scripture pertaining to the topics below.  As applicable, place them on your Communist Plan & Call to Arms VS. Biblical Truth Chart.   

1) How Creation and Man came to be–The Origin of Man

2) The Nature of Man (“Bible, Economics and Capitalism” article will help.)

3) The Origin and Purpose of Work
4) The Origin of Marriage and Family

5)  The Origin of Law and Morality

(Name basic moral tenants given by God and where found in Scripture)

6) God’s analysis of the true nature of conflict (See James 4:1-12)

7) God’s solution to man’s sinfulness

8)  Where true happiness is found (scriptures on joy)

9) The Unshakable Hope that is found in Christ  (The real “Utopia”)

10) Scriptural Views of Private Property

11) Scriptural Instructions to the Rich and the Poor

  • Looking ahead: Start working on your Critical Analysis or Literary Analysis Paper for Animal Farm.  It will be due soon.

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