Captains Courageous Biblical Family Reflection Paper Due September 16th

Biblical Family One Page Reflection Paper

Due September 16th –10 Points

Describe the Biblical Model for Marriage, Family, Parenting & Discipline (Focus on at least two of these.)

Write a one page paper describing how your family follows God’s plan for family.  Ask your parents what scriptures and scriptural principals have especially shaped their marriage, parenting and/or family choices and include these in your reflection.  Share how your parent’s choices have blessed your life.  How do the parenting models found in Captains Courageous compare to the Biblical Model?  What does the Bible say about spanking?  How does that differ from Disko’s form of discipline when Harvey was being ridiculously proud and Disko thought he needed to literally knock some sense into him?  Was Disko’s heart in the right place even if his methods weren’t?  Has discipline you’ve received humbled you or brought sense to you so you could repent?

This paper is due next week, but as you continue reading Captains Courageous see if Disko’s parenting style does align with the model of your family or the instructions found in scripture.  If you write another one page reflection paper on this at the end of this book analysis, you will receive 5 points extra credit.

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