Captains Courageous Whole Book Review Work Sheet (In Class)

Captains Courageous Whole Book Review Work Sheet  (In Class)


Pennsylvania Pratt (real name Jacob Boller)              Uncle Salters

 Manuel                                                                                 Liner Passengers(ch.1)

 Tom Platt                                                                           Harvey Cheyne and Dan Troop

 Cook (Doc)                                                                         Fishing Schooners                

 Discobolus                                                                          Railroads

 The We’re Here                                                                 Toothpicks              

 Harvey Cheyne                                                                   Long Jack


  1. _____________ This crew member was a farmer originally.  He was thought to be bad luck on the boat, and works hard to keep Penn from remembering his past (for his own good he thinks).  He keeps Penn away from preaching the Word.  He quotes Josephus (A Jewish Historian.)  He’s legalistic, but doesn’t follow the “law”.  He’s the Captain’s brother and there by his grace.  He’s quite hard on the Captain’s son.


  1. ____________ The “literal engines behind this era of unprecedented growth.” ( Connected the East and West Coasts allowing goods and people traverse the country, created great wealth for many.


  1. ____________ Catholic member of the crew whose religion and rituals seem more like superstition, he lights his candles at church then goes out chasing the girls.


  1. _____________ Navy man, does things the Navy way (sailed on The Ohio, top of the line ship from 1816, which Kipling refers to through a narrative line in C. C. as being “more extinct than the Dodo.”)


  1. _____________ Thinks a lot of Harvey, originally from the south sea islands, willing to serve Harvey all his days, leads boys in idolatrous, pagan practice, which Penn condemns.  He “prophesies” about “Master-Man, Man-Master” in regards to Dan being under Harvey some day, but his foreknowledge is not related to God in anyway, instead he is called “Doc” possibly in reference to his witch doctor-like practices.


  1. ______________ Said, “That Cheyne boy’s the biggest nuisance aboard…He isn’t wanted here.  He’s too fresh….What’s wrong with the old man attending to him personally?”  “He’s too busy piling up the rocks. ‘Don’t want to be disturbed, I guess.”  AND “I know der breed. Ameriga is full of dot kind.  I dell you you should imbort ropes’ ends free under your dariff.”  (Meaning America is full of that kind and they should be importing rope’s for whipping because they all need it.)
  1. ______________ Nickname for the fancy, progressive haddockers and herring boats that are as comfortable and big as a yacht with all the latest technology—“chock full o’ labour-savin’ jigs and such all”, but Disko is “set against them on account of their pitchin’ and joltin’.”  They’re not stable in a storm at all.
  1. ______________ Has sincere faith, but has forgotten it—blocked out his past roots because of personal tragedy.  Is from a state that was one of the earliest places of religious freedom, whose government became one of the models for the U.S. Constitution.  The Moravian sect which he was from was a strict Protestant sect originally from Middle Europe, which spread to North America in the mid eighteenth century. (  Has true faith when he is in his right mind, and gives true judgments on spiritual matters.
  1. _______________________They have become best friends. Harvey says of him, “he’s my partner.”
  1. _______________ Two-masted sailboats famous for fishing cod and haddock on the Grand Banks in the mid-1800’s.  A dying breed at the time Captains Courageous was published because of overfishing and newer, more modern boats replacing them.  Often had crews who had immigrated from all over the world.  Each boat often used different sailing and fishing techniques, trouble could arise when these were crowded together.
  2. ________________ Bronze statue created by Myron in 5th Century and represented the athletic ideal—an athlete whose physical proportions were just right and thought to be “harmonious”. (J. Swaddling, The ancient Olympic Games, 3rd edition (London, The British Museum Press, 2004)  AND J.C.H. King (ed.), Human image (London, The British Museum Press, 2000) )
  3. _________________ Disko’s trusted and tried, sturdy schooner that never slips anchor, can handle the roughest of water and can wet all her salt before any of the other boats (old or new) and get back to home port a week early getting the best price for her catch. She’s definitely worth her salt.
  4. ____________ Has the greatest ‘conversion’ of all the characters. He practically goes in the water one boy and comes out another, being rescued from death and from himself, given a new chance and becoming a new person.


  1. ______________ Described by Dan as having humpy shoulders, a Galway man—Galway=a port on the west coast of Ireland.  This crew member is from South Boston where many Irish immigrants live.

Now go to your final and see if you can match these people or things with what Kipling may have been trying to symbolize in Captain’s Courageous. 

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