Periods in English Language Literature Project

Periods In English Language Literature Assignment– DUE  March 18th

 Make a “Periods in English Language Literature Book” using the hand-out for title for dates, summaries of each period and author/title lists.

 1. Compile 1-2 examples of literature from each period or sub-period which clearly represents its main characteristics.  You should have a short poem or paragraph from at least one author that represents each period and sub-period or from an author who wrote within the period’s dates and whose work represents the period well.  (Use text book, books on hand, internet or library)

Be sure to cite the work you’re quoting by including author, title, and date written.

 2. Illustrate each period with a sample piece of art from the era which clearly depicts some of that era’s characteristics.  (Use the internet, books on hand, or library).  Be sure to include artists name, title of work (if available), artist’s home country or place art was created, and date.

 3.  Write a short rhyme, poem, or song which will help you remember the dates and key factors/characteristics of each period/sub-period.     You will need to include this in your book, but will not have to share it with the class unless you want to.

 Periods and Sub-periods to be sure to cover:

 I. Midieval Literature

     A: Anglo-Saxon Literature

     B: Middle English

II.  Renaissance Literature

III. Neo-classical Literature

IV. Romantic Literature

V.  Realist Literature

     A: Victorian Literature

     B. American Realism

     C. Naturalism

VI. Modernist Literature


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