Captains Courageous Assignment Overview and Due Dates

First Class: Intro. To Rudyard Kipling—Author Background – Needed for Captains Courageous Quiz Sept. 23rd

Kipling Poetry Sample (“If” and “Recessional”)

Biography excerpt on Kipling – His Imperialism

Captains Courageous Introduction

“Kipling and The Critics”

Very Important Quote + Setting Note

Map of Grand Banks

Schooner and Sailing Terms

C. C. Reading Questions Chapters 1-4 – Due September 16, 2016

Captains Courageous Vocab. Terms and Text Notes for Ch. 1-4

Venn Diagrams – (Begin w/ Ch. 1 – 4)

 Themes Chart & All Venn Diagrams Due October 7, 2016

1 page paper- Biblical Model for Family, Parenting & Discipline (Due September 16th)

 C. C. Reading Questions Chapters 5-8 Due September 23, 2016

Captains Courageous Vocab. Terms and Text Notes for Ch. 5-8

1 page paper – Biblical View of Masons Or Spiritism Due September 23, 2016

 Discobolus Explained

Other Allusions to Ponder

 Quiz on Kipling Biographical info. + Ch. 1-4– September 23, 2016

 American Notes Context Assignment—Insights Due September 30, 2016

 C. C. Reading Questions for Ch. 9-10 Due September 30, 2016

Captains Courageous Vocab. Terms and Text Notes for Ch. 9-10

 Whole Book Journal Questions Due September 30th, 2016

Short Essay Question Due October 7, 2016

Short Essay Reference:

American Foreign Policy in the Late 19th Century: Philosophical Underpinnings

 Literary Analysis Assignment  Due October 14, 2016

Extra-Credit Options Due October 14, 2016

 Allegorical Insights

 “White Man’s Burden” Poem + Analytical Notes

Resources to Study for Semester Final:

Literary Analysis Basic Tools

& Literary Analysis Basics Worksheet – Study for Semester Final

 Captains Courageous Take-Home Final—Due October 14, 2016

You may use your book & notes.  

This excerpt may help, too — Allegorical Insights

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