Juniors/Seniors Humanist Manifesto Questions-Week 1

The Sea Wolf Background Assignment

 Group Work For Juniors and Seniors—

Please be ready to present your findings to the class in an informal way.

Download Humanist Manifesto 1 at: 


Humanist Manifesto Questions:

  1. a. In paragraph 1, what does the Humanist Manifesto say has disrupted the “old beliefs”? (What scientific theory are they assuming is true when they make this statement?)



2. In paragraph 2, What do the Religious Humanist (a.k.a. Religiously Atheistic Humanists) writers assume about the “doctrines and methods” of the past?


3. Do the writers believe religious faith is ever rooted in unchangeable Truth or that religious beliefs are always changing and are simply a product of culture? (See 4th Statement in list of Religious Humanist affirmations)


4. How would you refute that? Cite at least one scripture.



5. What does paragraph 3 mean? Restate this paragraph’s main point(s).



6a. What do Religious Humanists believe about the universe and man?


b. Do they believe they were created?


c. In their view, are people unique or simply the result of Evolution?  Write a brief statement defining the Theory of Evolution.



7. Do you think that “holding an organic view of life” means that they are materialists and that they believe physical life and processes are all there is? How does this relate to Jack London?


8. a. In the humanist’s world view, what has science done to religion?


9a.  Where does the humanist’s social passion come from according to them?


b. Why is this?


c. What do they replace worship and prayer with?


d. Do you see this happening in a widespread way today (80+ years after this manifesto was written)?


Cite some examples of this.



10a. What do Religious Humanists seek to replace the joy of the Lord with?


b.What do they encourage so people can feel satisfied (temporarily)?


11a. What do the Religious Humanists believe all associations and institutions exist for?

b.Who is the center of their world view?


c. Who no longer has any place at all on His earth?


d. What do they think needs to happen to all former religious institutions, ritualistic forms, ecclesiastical methods and communal activities (a.k.a. Churches and their worship services)?


12a.  What economic system are they committed to abolishing?


b. What economic system are these Religious Humanists sold out to? (see #14)



c. How does this relate to Jack London?


13. What is their whole goal in life and who alone do they believe man needs to rely upon? Keep this in mind as you read The Sea-Wolf.


14. Look through the list of people who created and signed this manifesto. Look up who John Dewey was and how he molded and continues to mold American Education.  Write a few things that you find out here:

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