C. C. Chapter 1-4 Reading Questions

Adapted From “The Laws and Lore of the Sea: A Unit for Science and English”

Pauline Chandler, Jen Collison, Brookwood School Manchester, MA




Due September 16th  (30 pts.)

There will be a Quiz September 23rd.

It will cover Kipling’s Biographical info. and Captains Courageous Ch. 1-4.  The first part of the test will be from the Kipling bio. study sheet and from class notes on Kipling.

Answer BULLETED questions in writing either electronically by copying and pasting them to Word, or by writing the questions and your answers into a journal.

 Where it is indicated, however,  you will need to transfer info.onto the Venn Diagram Sheets provided in your packet. 

**VENN DIAGRAM PACKET can be printed from: https://literaturediscovery.wordpress.com/2011/01/17/venn-diagrams/

Be sure to note page numbers and be ready to discuss these questions in class and on future quizzes and tests. 

The Vocab. Terms and Notes in your Captains Courageous Packet will help you understand these chapters better!

Begin by copying Psalm 107:23-31 into your journal. 

Underline your favorite part of this passage.


  • 1. Note Foreshadowing and hints of Theme in your journal.
  • 2. Describe Harvey Cheyne as he appears in the beginning of the book.
  • USE VENN DIAGRAM and describe Harvey Cheyne.  Especially note what his relationship with his mother and father is like.
  • 3. How do others describe Harvey’s upbringing?

4.  What kind of ship does Harvey fall from, and what kind of boat picks him up?

  • 5.  Describe Captain Disko Troop.  What does he pride himself on? (“jedgment”= judgment) Fill out VENN DIAGRAM contrasting Disko with Harvey’s Dad.
  • 6. Describe the We’re Here on the appropriate VENN DIAGRAM.  Include her business, home port, the size of its crew, and any other preliminary information about the boat.
  • 7. Are there any messages/stereotypes about America in this chapter? If so, what?

(Kipling said about Captains Courageous that he went about “changing his style to allegory, parable and metaphor” in this book.)

Chapter 2

  • 1. USE side 2 of the Harvey and Dan VENN DIAGRAM sheet and contrast the upbringing of Dan and Harvey.

2. What do you think about the change in Harvey?

  • 3.Write down the page number(s) where Dan identifies and describes the We’re Here crew when they’re out in their dories?

3. Be able to discuss the work that Dan and Harvey do when and after the dories come in for supper. (see historic photo online at literaturediscovery.wordpress.com)

  • 4. List the various crew members of the We’re Here and the traits given thus far.


  • 5. On page 27, what makes Harvey hang on when he is dead tired?
Chapter 3
  • 1. What reputation does Disko Troop have among other sailors? ADD THIS TO VENN DIAGRAM
  • 2. What happened to make Penn the way he is?

3. Why does Troop decide to move the We’re Here, and how does he do it?

  • 4. What is the lesson Harvey learns from Long Jack and Tom Platt (p. 40-41)?


  • 5.  Bottom of Page 42 Top of Page 43.  What do you learn about Harvey’s character and upbringing here?  ADD THIS TO THE ‘UPBRINGING’ VENN DIAGRAM.


  • 6. Write down at least three poetic images Kipling uses.  What type of literary device does he employ?

Chapter 4

1. What do the sailors do for amusement when the weather is too bad to be out fishing?

  • 2. Describe and explain Troop’s reaction to Harvey’s attempt at singing “Skipper Ireson’s Ride”? (See Ch. 4 Vocab. Terms and Notes handout in your packet for help)

3. What is a “jonah” and what are some of the different jonahs that the men identify? Where do you think this name comes from?  Why?

  • 4. Who is Uncle Abishai, why are the men of the We’re Here dismayed to see him, and what  happens to him and his schooner?


  • 5. On page 63, what is happening?  What is being described and why is feminine language used do you think?  List some of Kipling’s similes. Which is your favorite?


  • 6. What do you think Dan means by “progressive”?


  • 7. What do you think a “toothpick” is?
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