Understanding Captains Courageous – Notes & Context Links

Access Captains Courageous Vocab & Reading Notes

These are KEY to understanding Captains Courageous!


Chapters 1 Sample


Chapters 5 Sample


Ch. 9 Sample


Important Context Articles:

1.  Captains Courageous: Introduction by Professor Leonee Ormond – This is long, but will give you A LOT of necessary background for deciphering Captains Courageous.


2. Rudyard Kipling’s  “American Notes”

Rudyard Kipling’s American Notes: Essential to interpreting Captains Courageous  http://books.eserver.org/nonfiction/american_notes.html

3. Sparks Notes History: The Gilded Age

Important Historical Context Summary


4. Short History Videos on the “Captains” of Industry of the Late 19th Century (Useful in Comparing and Contrasting Harvey Cheyne Sr. & Cornelius Vanderbilt)




5. Late 19th Century Definition of Progressive


6. Fareed Zakaria, “The Myth of America’s ‘Free Security’ (Reconsiderations),” World Policy Journal, Vol. 14, no. 2 (Summer 1997)

Excerpt link: https://literaturediscovery.wordpress.com/2016/08/12/cc-historical-co…security-excerpt/

originally found at: http://www.mtholyoke.edu/acad/intrel/nosecure.htm

7. American Foreign Policy in the Late 19th Century: 

Philosophical Underpinnings   By Michael Chimes:


8. The White Man’s Burden


9. For Kipling’s thoughts about Imperialism:


For a good summary of the author and historical context of The White Man’s Burden, please see the following Wikipedia article.  However, this is NOT considered a scholarly source, so you must track down the original sources before using it in a scholarly paper:


10. History of Christian Missions 1800-1849



Third Great Awakening

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Second Great Awakening  (1790–1840s[1]) was a period of great religious revival that extended into the antebellum period of the United States, with widespread Christian evangelism and conversions. It was named for the Great Awakening, a similar period which had transpired about half a century beforehand. It generated excitement in church congregations throughout New England, the mid-Atlantic, Northwest and the South. Individual preachers such as Charles Grandison Finney, Lyman Beecher, Barton Stone, Peter Cartwright, and Asahel Nettleton became very well known as a result. Evangelical participation in social causes was fostered that changed American life in areas such as prison reform, abolitionism, and temperance.

American And Foreign Christian Missions:

Wikipedia lists 7 pages of Christian Mission Activity in the 1800’s almost all the organizations, churches or Missionaries were from England, Scotland, the Netherlands, the US, Canada and France—the bulk of them being British or American.


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