Fall Semester Week by Week Unit Plan Sea Wolf

This Sea Wolf Unit Plan is based on a home school co-op schedule of one                      (1 hour) class period per week.  The bulk of the work is completed by students at home and turned in at next class period.

Week by Week Unit Plan Sea Wolf

 The Sea Wolf Week One:  October 14th Class

Introduction to Jack London using one of his short stories—
Goal: Help Students Identify Author’s World View Before Reading The Sea Wolf

Read Jack London’s “To Build A Fire” BEFORE coming to Oct. 14th Class
In Class, we will use Adam Andrews World View Supplement questions for “To Build a Fire” as well as other discussion questions on content.
We may discuss Literary Periods that relate to The Sea Wolf.

We will use Adam Andrews def. of Realistic and Naturalistic Literature, as well as other sources.

Hand out Story Map.  Go over Story Map Explanation.

HW Assignment: Due October 21st

  1. ALL- Read The Sea Wolf Background and Jack London Biography Packet handed out to you in class.  Do questions at end of packet.
  2. Begin Filling out Story Chart for The Sea Wolf.
  3. ALL-Read: Answers in Genesis Article titled “What’s the best “proof” of creation?” by Ken Ham   http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/wow/best-proof-of-creation .
  4. ALL-Write one page, summarizing the main points of this article.  Turn in 10/28/16
  5. Juniors/Seniors Group Work: Read the Humanist Manifesto I and answer the Humanist Manifesto Questions that I’ve made to go with it.  You may meet together to do this or you may discuss it over the phone.  Please be prepared to informally share some of your findings with the whole class on October 21st.

Print Humanist Manifesto Materials from Week One E-mail or Download from: https://literaturediscovery.wordpress.com/2010/12/24/humanist-manifesto-questions/

Extra Credit Option: Watch or Read a Creation Resource that your family has or one you borrow from me.  Prepare a 5 minute presentation of the best Creation Evidence or Arguments you gleaned from this resource.  Last Date Accepted: Dec. 16, 2016.

Principle-Students Must Stay Grounded in Truth.  The messages of The Sea Wolf are often in opposition to Christ and His Word.  You need to make an extra effort to keep your eyes on God and Be in His Word.  Keep renewing your minds and guarding your heart daily as you question Jack London’s assumptions and find the truth in Scripture.

The Sea Wolf Week Two:  October 21st Class
Discuss Home Work, Share Article Summaries, Listen to Jrs/Srs report on Humanist Manifesto.

If time, watch Creation Resource in Class, Hand Out Sea Wolf Books.

HW: Due October 28th

  1. ALL-Download/Print  Ch. 1-6 Reading Questions , READ The Sea Wolf Chapters 1-6 Pg. 1-45.
  2. ALL-Complete Reading Questions. Turn in 10/28/16
  3. READ-Background materials on Nietzsche, Darwin and Schoepenhauer sent with Week Two files.  Be Ready to Discuss in Class on Oct. 28th.
  4. ALL-Keep Working on Story Chart for The Sea Wolf.
  5. EXTRA-CREDIT OPTION: Freshmen & Sophomores write ½ page reflection paper and Juniors/Seniors write a one-page reflection paper discussing whether you think Jack London is writing strictly from one of these literary perspectives or if he is combining them.  If you think he’s combining more than one, then show how, by using some examples from the first six chapters, and share your opinion as to why London might be writing this way.

The Sea Wolf Week Three: October 28th Class

BRING CREATION RESOURCES TO CLASS-revisit extra-credit option

Discuss Ch. 1-6 Reading Questions (What Truth’s are missing from Wolf’s view of life? No Creator, Judge, accountability, image of God, immortality, Law, Eternal Life-evidences?)
Compare/Contrast with Kipling’s Captains Courageous

Go back to summary papers and relate AIG article to London’s Materialist/ Naturalistic assumptions, arguments and interpretation of evidence.

Go over Vocabulary Ch. 1-6 Jrs/Srs will have a Take Home Quiz on Nov. 11th.  Due Nov. 18th.

Talk about London’s assumptions and help students counter these arguments with what scripture says, as well as scientific, archeological, life experience etc. evidence which supports what God’s Word says

If time, finish Creation resource started last week in class.

(This excellent resource can be ordered from Answers in Genesis for $19.99 + shipping http://www.answersingenesis.org/PublicStore/product/Unlocking-the-Mystery-of-Life,4769,229.aspx)
Discuss Video

HW: Due November 4th

  1. ALL- Read Chapter 7-9 p. 46-61.  Do  chapter 7-9 questions  (Including “Morality Apart From God Questions”) which have been designated for your age group and/or gender.  Look up and read the Probe Article “Morality Apart From God” by Ray Cotton and answer questions.
  2. ALL-Read  Literary Periods Hand Out given to you in class: Learn about Romanticism, Realism and Naturalism.  COME TO CLASS READY TO DISCUSS how these Literary Periods relate to The Sea Wolf.

Print e-mail file or download these by pressing control while clicking on underlined part above.

  1. ALL-Keep Working on Story Chart for The Sea Wolf

Extra Credit Assignment: Write a 1-2 page Expository Essay describing Intelligent Design Theory using notes from “Unlocking the Mystery of Life” video, which can be borrowed from me. This Extra-Credit assignment can be turned in at any point in the semester, so if more than one of you would like to do it, we can do a sign up sheet for the video.

The Sea Wolf Week Four:  November 4th Class

Discuss Ch. 7-9 and “Morality Apart from God” questions included with reading questions.

Discuss Literary Periods and where The Sea Wolf fits.
HW: Due November 11th

  1. ALL- Read Sea Wolf Ch. 10-16 p.62-101 and do Chapter 10-16 Reading Questions
  2. Jrs/Srs. study vocabulary for next week’s quiz.  It will cover Ch. 1-16 and include Vocab. from Ch. 1-6 reading questions.

OVER THANKSGIVING BREAK Nov. 18, 19th or 20th–Who would like to host our “End of the Spear” Class Movie Night?  This is a movie on missionary Nate Saint and the Warani Tribe of Ecuador. We will also discuss how “End of the Spear” relates to Sea Wolf.   One of your End of Sea Wolf Project choices will be to write a Comparative Critical Analysis Essay comparing and contrasting life on board the Ghost and messages in the The Sea Wolf with the true story and Biblical messages  of “End of the Spear”. It will be due on Dec. 16th.

The Sea Wolf Week Five: November 11th Class

Discuss Ch. 10-16 & Compare/Contrast w/ Captains Courageous, Ecclesiastes Study from Study Questions

Give Take Home Quiz to Jrs/Srs.

HW: Due Nov. 18th

  1. ALL- Read Chapters 17-22 P. 102-138 and Do Ch. 17-22 Reading Questions assigned to your age group/gender.

Print from E-mail File or Download at: https://literaturediscovery.wordpress.com/category/sea-wolf-study-questions-high-school-and-up/ch-17-22-sea-wolf-questions/

  1. ALL-Keep Working on Story Chart for The Sea Wolf.
  2. Jrs/Srs- Do Take Home Quiz for Ch. 1-16. Turn in Nov. 18th

OVER THANKSGIVING BREAK Nov. 18, 19th or 20th— “End of the Spear” Class Movie Night This is a movie on missionary Nate Saint and the Warani Tribe of Ecuador. We will also discuss how “End of the Spear” relates to Sea Wolf.  

The Sea Wolf Week Six:  Nov. 18th Class

Discuss Ch. 17-22 (Maud character, Change in Hump, Situational ethics vs. absolutes—temptation, greed, lust etc, immortality, depression, hopelessness, fear)

HW: Due Dec. 2nd

  1. ALL-Read Ch. 23-30. P.139-195.
  2. Do Reading Questions for Ch. 23-30.

Print from e-mailed file or download from:


(WV issues, Milton Paradise Lost, spiritual warfare-Scripture descrip. of Satan, Rebellion etc.)

  1. ALL-Keep Working on Story Chart for The Sea Wolf
  1. Jrs/Srs: Read: AIG’s “Dare to Question the Materialist High Priest Article”. Be ready to share highlights with class.

Download at: https://literaturediscovery.wordpress.com/2010/06/12/sea-wolf-questions-chapters-17-22/

The Sea Wolf Week Seven: December 2nd Class

Discuss Ch. 23-30, Jrs/Srs. Share what they learned from AIG article, “Dare to Question the Materialist High Priests” article.

HW: Due Dec. 9th

  1. ALL-Read Sea-Wolf Chapters 31-39. p. 190-244. 
  2. Do Reading Questions for Ch. 31-39.   Print from e-mail file or download from: https://literaturediscovery.wordpress.com/2010/06/12/sea-wolf-chapters-31-39/
  3. ALL-Finish up Story Chart for The Sea Wolf. Due Dec. 9th.

The Sea Wolf Week Eight:  Dec. 9thth Class

Discuss Sea Wolf Ch. 31-39 & Revisit Humanist Manifesto Questions from Week One, Story Chart

Discuss whole book (Structure, believability, story chart, symbols, irony-Ghost.. Humanism, evolution-mankind progressing, nominal Christianity-no conviction of hell or or personal salvation or real gospel)

HW: Due Dec. 16th

  1. End of Book Project/Paper Assignment—Students wait until you finish the book before reading the options in this assignment if you do not want to know the ending.

The Sea Wolf Week Nine: December 16th Class:

Discuss whole book (Structure, believability, story chart, symbols, irony-Ghost.. Humanism, evolution-mankind progressing, nominal Christianity-no conviction of hell or or personal salvation or real gospel)

Share End of Book Projects or Papers

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