Final Exam-The Sea Wolf & Captains Courageous

 Spring Semester Classic Literature Final

Covering Literary Elements, Captains Courageous and The Sea-Wolf

Elements of Fiction Portion

 1.  Draw the Tree Analogy, which is designed to help you remember the THREE COMPONENTS of a story and the elements of each component.  (4 pts.)


2.  Re-read Andrew Adams description of Realist Literature and Romantic Literature in the “Periods of English Language Periods” packet you received at the beginning of the semester. On a separate sheet of paper write a paragraph giving examples of how The Sea-Wolf is representative of Realist Literature, then write a paragraph noting the ways that this novel breaks the mold and also contains many characteristics of Romantic Literature.  Reference specific details and quotes from the novel to back your claims.  Essay should be typed.  (8 pts.)

3.  How has reading and analyzing The Sea-Wolf given you a better understanding of how unbelievers think, the rebellious heart of man, and/or how secular humanism is shaping our culture? (4 pts.)  (You may refer back to the Humanist Manifesto, your notes and your book.)

Extra-Credit (A):  Define Secular Humanism and state three ways that the philosophies expressed in The Sea-Wolf coincide with secular humanism.  (Notes and Book allowed.) (4 pts.)

 4.  How has this study strengthened your faith or made you think more deeply about an aspect of your faith?  (Be Specific, include at least one reference to an article, video or Bible Study question that gave you deeper insight.  Notes allowed.)  (4 pts.)

5. State two of the main themes of Sea-Wolf.  Under each theme give at least two quotes from the novel which provide evidence that these are in fact two of the most important messages in London’s mind or that these are London’s answers to two of the most important questions that he has wrestled with. (6 pts)


Quote a:

Quote b:


Quote c:

Quote d:

Extra-Credit (B):  Describe how London’s characterization of Wolf Larsen, Maud Brewster and Humphrey Van Weyden symbolically paint the picture of London’s main theme in Sea-Wolf.  (1 page typed—10 pts.)

6. Fill in the attached Story Chart sheet for The Sea-Wolf

Be sure to fill-in answers for each element of fiction—Setting, Main Characters, Theme, Conflict and Plot.  (9 pts.)                 

Extra-Credit (C) :  On the back of your story chart include the novel’s Context, main characteristics of Naturalism as a literary sub-period and significant features of Jack London’s Background—including info found in emailed Jack London’s Beliefs bio. (10 pts.)


1.  Use separate sheet and answer the following questions: (10 pts—Should be at least ½ page typed. DO NOT COPY FROM CC BOOK TEST—but you may use your book and your other notes)

A. List FIVE significant characteristics of Disko Troop. 

B. Explain what you think Disko’s character symbolizes.  (Explain your reasons from the book–Kipling’s allusion to Discobolus can be part of this if you explain its significance.)    

C. How does Disko’s character relate to traditional values that the East Coast seems to symbolize in Kipling’s mind.  (Think of where America began as British Colonies—Give examples from the novel.)

 D. What message do you think Kipling tried to send to America through Captains Courageous?  Why?

2.  Answer the following questions on a separate sheet:  (10 pts—Should be at least ½ page typed—DO NOT COPY FROM YOUR CC BOOK TEST, but you may use your book and your other notes.)

A. List FOUR significant characteristics of  Harvey Cheyne Sr. (Harvey’s dad) 

B. What do you think his character symbolizes? (Be specific, give support for your answer.)

C. How does he change from the beginning of C. C.  to the end of the book?  What message do you think Kipling is trying to send to the “Harvey Cheyne Seniors and Juniors of America? 

D. How does he and Harvey Jr. (at the beginning of the book) relate to Kipling’s experiences and opinions of the West Coast?


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