Quiz Ch. 1-16 Sea Wolf



The Sea-Wolf Quiz Chapters 1-16

I. Vocabulary Matching (1 pt. each)  NO NOTES

___ incisive

___ sardonic

___  sententiously

___  parsimonious

___  Materialist

___  strictures

___ ostentation

___  inveigle

___ tawdry

___ proclivities

A. 1)to win over by wiles, entice 2) to acquire by ingenuity or flattery.

B.  disdainfully or skeptically humorous, derisively mocking, sarcastic

C.  an adverse criticism, censure

D.  frugal to the point of stinginess, stingy.

E. someone who only believes in the natural world, natural laws and natural causes.  Someone concerned with the physical, natural realm only, discounts or refuses to believe in supernatural causes.

F. An inclination or predisposition toward something, esp. a strong inherent inclination toward something objectionable.

G. cheap and gaudy in appearance

H. excessive display, pretentious

I.  tersely, shortly (2nd meaning doesn’t apply in this case—excessive moralizing)

J.  impressively direct and decisive

II. Short Answer Portion (2 pts. each) NOTES ALLOWED

1.  Who was Fredrich Neitzsche? (Give at least 4 significant facts)

2.  Why doesn’t Wolf believe in being altruistic?

3.  How do those who hold to scientific naturalism try to limit the debate on origins and morality?


III. Long Answer Portion (5 pts. each) NOTES AND BOOK ALLOWED

4.  Summarize the plot of Sea-Wolf so far, be sure to include how the conflict between Johnson and Wolf began and has escalated.

5.  Describe how Hump is changing and what London would/is attributing the change in him to. 




Extra-Credit: (up to 5 pts.) NOTES ALLOWED

List five significant facts about Jack London: 

(ie. What is he known for?  What is his number one theme?  What kinds of jobs did he have before becoming a successful author (1pt).  What was his economic situation growing up?  What political philosophy did he hold?  Sea-Wolf was written in 1904.  How old was Jack London when it was published?  What was one of London’s intentions in writing The Sea-Wolf?)

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