Chapter Questions 17-22 (Discuss week 5)


The Sea-Wolf Reading Questions End of Ch. 16 – Ch. 22  (Pages 117-164)

End of Ch. 16

Extra Credit – GALS- p. 101

  1. Re-read the last couple paragraphs of Ch. 16. Hump is succumbing to Wolf’s worldview and despair. If Hump could get a letter from his sister at this moment, and his sister knew what life was like on board the Ghost and the lies Hump had been surrounded by, and you were that sister—a true believer in Christ and His Word—what would you write to encourage your dear brother, Humphrey Van Weyden?  Write your encouraging letter on a separate sheet of paper.

Ch. 17 P. 102-112

Guys: 1.  How is Hump “developing”?  What does he find could not be anything but “wholesome for ‘Sissy’ Van Weyden”? (top of p. 102)

ALL- 2. On page 102-103, how has Hump’s point of view changed?  What has replaced his “pure romanticism” of past chapters?  Write a phrase or two from these pages and a phrase or two from past chapters to support your claim?

Guys: 3.  What did Hump feel he had to prove to Wolf and how was he doing it?  What was he learning quickly?  P. 103

Extra Credit GUYS: On page 104-105, does Wolf seem afraid or unafraid to die?  How might this be part of London’s theme?  Do those who supposedly believe in immorality in the book fear death? (like Hump, the women in the ferry accident of Ch. 1, anyone else?)  How should we take this message do you think?

ALL 4.   What do you make of the following quote from p. 110?  “At such moments I felt strangely alone with God, alone with him and watching the chaos of his wrath.  And then the wheel would reappear, and Wolf Larsen’s broad shoulders, his hands gripping the spokes and holding the schooner to the course of his will, himself an earth-god, dominating the storm, flinging its descending waters from him and riding it to his own ends.  And oh, the marvel of it ! the marvel of it!  That tiny men should live and breathe and work, and drive so frail a contrivance of wood and cloth through so tremendous an elemental strife!”

What is London saying through it do you think?


Ch. 18 P.113-118

All 1.  What has been happening to Johnson and Leach? (Top of 114.)

All 2. What new skill has Hump acquired?  Whose job is he slowly taking over? (p114)

9th/10th: 3. What did Johnson and Leach do to make Wolf furious? (Top p. 115)

ALL 4..  Who is Maud Brewster?

On a separate sheet of paper keep a running description of her, starting with p. 116-117.  In your description, be sure to use ethereally and define it.


Jrs/Srs. 5.  What is Maud’s expectation?  How does Hump describe Wolf at the middle of p. 117?


Ch. 19 p. 119-124

ALL-1.  What does Wolf praise Hump for on page 120?  Is Hump’s stand right and is it good that he is finally standing up to Wolf?  What do you think, is Hump really gaining moral courage or is Wolf winning by pushing Hump to be vengeful and murderous like himself?


Jrs./Srs. 2.  What does Wolf do (or not do) to Johnson and Leach when he finds them?


9th/10th  3.  Who does Hump feel responsible for?


Ch. 20 p. 125-131

ALL-1.  How does Wolf try to shame Hump? (p. 126-127)

ALL-2.  When Hump replies, “I may have legs to stand on but I have yet to stamp on others with them.”  How does Wolf reply? (p. 1127)   What do you think Wolf is trying to make Hump into?


Jrs/Srs.-3.  What ‘education’ does Wolf plan to give Maud? (p. 128-129)  How does this help inform one of London’s major themes?


ALL-4. What does Maud Brewster do for a living and how does Hump know her?


9th/10th – 4.  What do you think of Maud and Humphrey Van Weyden being aware and even admirers of one another in their real lives?  Does this plot twist work?  Does it up the ante for Hump’s sense of responsibility?

Ch. 21

ALL- 1.  What other significant skill has Hump developed?  (p.135)

ALL-2.  List as many new skills as you can that Hump has acquired while on the Ghost.


Ch. 22

9th/10th -1.  What does Hump say about moral courage? (p.137)  Does he sound like an idealist or type for Romanticism now?  What does he sound more like?

ALL 2.  Fill in the blanks of what Maud says to Hump, “You speak in  ________  _________ terms.” P. 137

Jrs/Srs.-2.  Define ignominy.  Define dissimulate.


ALL-3.  What does Hump propose and strongly advise Maud to do in order to stay alive?


ALL-4.  What does she do?

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