Vocabulary Ch. 1-9 Sea Wolf

Sea-Wolf Vocabulary Defined Ch. 1-9

sardonic p.16—(adj.) disdainfully or skeptically humorous, derisively mocking, sarcastic

tawdry p.26—(adj.) cheap and gaudy in appearance

proclivities p.42—(noun) an inclination or predisposition toward something, esp. a strong inherent inclination toward something objectionable.

scullion p. 32—(noun) a kitchen helper

dilettante p.32—(adj.) an admirer or lover of the arts (2nd meaning not applicable to Hump—a dabbler in the arts, one with superficial interest or knowledge, syn. Amateur)

menagerie p.33—(noun) a place where animals are kept and trained esp. for exhibition.

sententiously p.38—(adv.) tersely, shortly (2nd meaning doesn’t apply in this case—excessive moralizing)

parsimonious p. 52—(adj.) frugal to the point of stinginess, stingy.

Materialist—(noun) someone who only believes in the natural world, natural laws and natural causes.  Someone concerned with the physical, natural realm only, discounts or refuses to believe in supernatural causes.

naturalism –(noun) a theory denying that an event or object has a supernatural significance or origin.  Proponents of the Theory of Evolution are believing in naturalism.  Also, a subcategory of Realist Literature emphasizing the belief in evolutionary origins and interpretations without idealism or avoidance of the ugly. 

p. 64

strictures (noun) an adverse criticism, censure

vivisecting (verb) operation on a living animal for physiological or pathological investigation; animal experimentation, esp. if considered to cause distress to the subject

incisive (adj) impressively direct and decisive

P. 66  ostentation (noun) excessive display, pretentious

p. 68  inveigle (verb)  1)to win over by wiles, entice 2) to acquire by ingenuity or flattery.

 p. 69  dirk (noun) a long straight bladed dagger

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